Sunday, June 5, 2011

Terrible "black hole" in diameter, 21.5 meters and a depth of 31 meters appeared in the middle of the Guatemalan capital

The gulf yawned, where stood a small residential house and office building. The earth went from under my feet in a minute, so the inhabitants of the house had run out into the street and escape. And in the office at the weekend, fortunately, nobody was there. No luck only one policeman, who was unfortunate moment in the fatal spot, - his utyanulo into the abyss.
AP Photo
Cataclysm was the result of a giant underground landslide provoked by tropical storm "Agatha". In Guatemala, such phenomena are not uncommon: hurricanes and storms affect the circulation of groundwater, causing a huge gullies.
However, that funnel you see in the photo, just a "mink" compared to the depression formed in this city three years ago. Then it reached a depth of more than a hundred meters!Killed two teenagers, and from urban areas, where disaster struck, forced the evacuation of one thousand inhabitants of the threat of further collapse.

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