Sunday, June 5, 2011

A unique case of life with such a diagnosis! (Photo)

Oldest conjoined twins in the world - American Abigail and Brittany Hensel - celebrated their 18 th birthday!
Girls who did not dream that they shared, build big plans for the future: go to college, get married and have kids.
Abigail and Brittany are a unique case. Out of every 50,000 births a pair of twins is born bonded in some way. In turn, of which only one percent of the population of more than one year. Girls are spliced ​​from the chest down. They have two broad hands and feet. They have two hearts, two pairs of lungs, but only one liver, bladder, ribcage and pelvis. Each controls its side of the body and can not feel anything on the other. In this case we are talking about two completely different people.
During the meal they have separate dishes, and they in turn take food and put each other in the mouth. Parents of girls, 47-year-old nurse, Patty, and 48-year-old carpenter, Mike decided not to separate them at birth because of the risks and never regret about it. "From the first time we saw them, we think they are beautiful. It's the most wonderful kids in the world" - says Patti.
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